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What we do

We Are IronBird

IronBird Aerial Cinematography provide remotely piloted aircraft for the purposes of photography filming and data acquisition.

We operate with qualified and experienced pilots certified by the Euro USC and Resource Group and hold permissions from the UK CAA and Irish IAA.

Our extensive range of work and experience provides aerial imagery for the purposes of broadcast and film, land surveys and industrial inspections, architectural visualisation to name a few. Check out our portfolio for examples of our work. Or jump straight to our IronBird Wall of Bits


IronBird use the latest remotely operated aircraft and the stabilised camera technology to provide a variety of cameras to meet and match your production requirements.

  • Aerial Filming

  • We utilise superior camera stabilisation systems, the MoVI M5 and MoVI M10. The advanced 3 axis system enables remotes operation whist delivering smooth footage direct to the ground for live, realtime monitoring.

  • Aerial Photography

  • We use full-frame professional 22.0 megapixel Digital SLR still Cameras. With a live picture to the ground, our clients can monitor all aspects of the photoshoot.

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    The Team

    Our speciality has always been photography and cinematography. with a combined experience of over 15 years in the television industry, our ambition has always been to find new and exciting grounds for camera operation and control. Our mission is simple, to provide, pioneer and promote the UAV development of the live action aerial cinematography.



    IronBird are a pleasure to work with, consistently delivering a high quality of service and professionalism. I would thoroughly recommend them.

    - Ian Pollit, Peel Holdings -



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    IronBird Aerial Cinematography
    Showreel 2015.






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    Our ambition has always been providing new and exciting forms of camera operation. Through IronBird we are able to convey dynamic and cinematic storytelling that works across the board and in many industries. Here is some of our work...



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